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Contaminated site assessment

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In 1988, a prioritisation procedure for contaminated sites was presented nationwide for the first time. The procedure provides a formalised and comparative method for determining a site's risk potential for the sensitive receptors. With the coming into effect of the Federal Soil Conservation Law (Bundesbodenschutzgesetz) of 1998 and the Federal Soil Conservation Regulations (Bundesbodenschutzverordnung) in 1999, there was a need to align the Baden-Württemberg assessment and prioritisation procedure with the new nationwide legislation. The updating took place within the scope of several projects. The result was "Groundwater", "Humans", "Crop plants", "Landfill gas hazards" and "Surface water" modules. The final reports of the individual projects were initially made available as draft versions to download from the internet, in order to gather experience in the application of these preliminary documents. The guidelines that now exist are the fundamentally revised summary of all drafts; in particular, the procedure for assessing the soil-surface water exposure pathway has been revised. The guidelines are mainly intended for Baden-Württemberg?s local administrative authorities and the engineering consultancies that work in the federal state and helps professionals to produce a clear, comprehensible site evaluation, to document the results and to ensure quality management. The preceding drafts became invalid with the publication of these guidelines.