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Contaminated site statistics 2012

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Since the beginning of contaminated site man-agement and remediation in Baden-Württemberg, 25 years ago, around 16,547 potential sites have been investigated and assessed with regard to their environmental risk. 3,502 sites were found to require remediation, for 2,896 of these sites the clean-up has already been completed. These and other figures on the contaminated site problem are given in the contaminated site statistics brochure, "Altlastenstatistik 2012". It provides an overview of the work done to date in Baden-Württemberg and also briefly describes the systematic procedure applied. The statistical data in the brochure correspond to the characteristics defined by the joint Federal Government and Federal States Working Group on Soil Conservation (LABO) for the nationwide contaminated site statistics in 2002. Since then, the LUBW (State Environmental Agency of Baden-Württemberg) has calculated these figures yearly on the basis of data recorded by the urban and rural authorities in their soil and contaminated site registers.