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Continuous recording of potential contaminated sites

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In Baden-Württemberg, potential contaminated sites have been registered throughout the state since 1992. This registration is the task of the district administrations and urban districts. Until now, this recording work has been paid for with grants from the communal contaminated site fund. As these grants from the contaminated site fund ceased from 01/01/2012, since then the recording work has been undertaken by the district administrations and urban districts autonomously. These guidelines describe the process for continuous recording including preparation of the address collection, the relevance check of the registered addresses, copying the relevant addresses into the specifically developed application, the "Soil conservation and contaminated sites register" ("Bodenschutz- und Altlastenkataster" - BAK), as well as identifying the information determining action to be taken and the assessment at evidence level 1. To assist the authorities, a computing tool has been developed (HISTE-Adresspool), with which closed down companies and plants can be continuously called up from different data sources.