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Determining the value of contaminated sites within the conflicting interests of urban development planning



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In the past, an important obstacle to reuse of contaminated or potential contaminated sites was the uncertain forecast of the additional contamination-related costs. This practical guide highlights the procedure and important principles in estimating these additional costs, which are incorporated in the normal land valuation as a so-called contamination-related reduction in value. Experience acquired from successful projects showed that the costs for contamination-related clean-up measures are also determined by the type of future use. For instance, the contamination-related protection measures for sensitive uses are usually more complicated and expensive than those for insensitive uses. This practical guide shows that, when defining the future use and when planning an individual project, it is advisable to include the site contamination situation in the planning considerations relating to future use. The necessary intensive cooperation of specialists from many different disciplines, such as urban planners, valuation and contaminated site management and remediation experts, investors and authorities, is supported by explanations and definitions of fundamental objectives, terms used and procedures.